About Us

It all started with a text between two friends…”Curse you! Now you’ve got me dreaming about living in Ankeny and opening a quilt store.  Oh the fun we could have!”  Well dreams do come true.  Jenny moved back to Ankeny in August of 2015, and a little over a year later Ann and Jenny opened a new quilt store.

Why “Off the Rails Quilting”?

We are located one block south of the trailhead on the Chichaqua Valley Trail bike trail that was built as a part of the Rails to Trails project.

We are located one block north of Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company.

Our husbands may just think we have lost it and have gone “off the rails” with this quilt store idea, but we are wives and moms and are definitely in need of some fabric and yarn therapy.

We look forward to sharing more of our story and our love of quilting with you!

~Ann & Jenny